Get Rid Of Head Lice With These Seven Home Treatments.

Having head lice does not mean you are dirty. Most people get head lice when they have head-to-head contact with someone who has head lice.

Millions of people get head lice each year.

Although,these pest are not known to spread disease, having them in your head can make your scalp extremely itchy. If you scratch a lot, it can cause sores on the scalp that may lead to an infection.

Some people lose sleep because the itch is so intense.

Many over-the-counter products could get rid of head lice, however, the biggest problem today is that lice have become resistant these stuffs.

Fortunately, natural remedies can get rid of lice. 

Here are a variety of home remedies, over-the-counter, and prescription treatments used to treat head lice.

1.Coconut Oil

Rinse your hair thoroughly with apple cider vinegar and allow it to dry. Then put some coconut oil and cover your head six to eight hours or overnight. Comb in the morning and shampoo as usual.

2. White Vinegar

Dilute white vinegar with an equal amount of water.

Apply solution to the hair and scalp then cover for 1-2 hours. Comb your hair after with a comb soaked in vinegar, focusing on one small section of hair at a time.

3. Mayonnaise

Apply full-fat mayonnaise over your scalp and cover your head with a towel or shower cap for 8 hours or overnight.

Shampoo as usual in the morning, then gently comb your hair.

4. Salt

Make a spray solution by mixing salt and vinegar.

Gently spray the solution onto your hair so that it becomes slightly wet. Put on a shower cap and leave it for about two hours. Rinse your hair and put some conditioner.

5. Petroleum Jelly

Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly to the scalp before going to bed. Cover your head tightly overnight and use baby oil to remove the jelly in the morning.

6. Garlic

Grind eight to 10 garlic cloves. Mix in two to three teaspoons of lime juice. Apply the mixture thoroughly onto the scalp. Leave it on for a half an hour and then rinse the hair thoroughly with hot water.

7. Baby Oil

Apply some baby oil on your hair and then comb your hair slowly so that lice start falling from your head.

Wash your hair after with laundry detergent and hot water. Before going to bed, put some white vinegar on your hair.

Cover your head with a shower cap or towel and leave it on overnight. In the morning, wash your hair with regular shampoo and then apply some conditioner.

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