Be Careful KANGKoNG Can Kill You!

Kangkong, also known as water spinach, river spinach, swamp cabbage is a leafy green vegetable grown everywhere and grows anywhere throughout tropical and subtropical countries but most commonly throughout South-East Asia. It is usually stir-fried, but also appears in soups and salads.

Kangkong’s indescribable blandness and crispy texture perfectly complement pungent ingredients like garlic, chilli and belacan.

But here are the things you must know about KANGKONG

Killer Kangkong!

In America, it’s known as the Chinese water spinach and officially designated by the Department Of Agriculture as a noxious weed. 

You must be careful on how you cook and eat it, or you could end up with a case of Fasciolopsiasis. 

It’s a condition caused by the Fasciolopsis buski, a large parasitic intestinal fluke that can be found as larval cysts laid on the water spinach (and several other water vegetables for that matter) in the hope that a reckless human will consume it raw.

In humans and pigs, the cysts release the fluke that anchors itself to the wall of the intestine and causes indigestion, allergic reactions and abdominal pain.

It’s a total gross-out and untreated cases can be fatal, so please fry or boil that kangkung good and proper before serving it.  

Source: The Star
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