Best Homemade Treatment to Repair Your Damaged Hair

If you have a damaged dry hair or a brittle hair, why don't you try a homemade deep conditioning treatment?

You can give a good treatment for your hair for a fraction of the cost of using salon or drug store products, and the good thing is you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen.

This technique can restore the health of your hair to make it look better.

Forget about spending money on different cosmetics and hair care products or hair treatment at salons, because this treatment is safe, effective and very affordable.

The two main ingredients for our homemade hair dry treatment is glycine and proline, which can be found in gelatin.

Gelatin is great source of protein and amino acid contended it is used in this remedy. Gelatin has the quality to tighten sagging skin and helps the growth of hair and nails.

- 1 tbsp. Gelatin
- half cup Milk
- 1 fresh Egg
- 2 tsp. Apple cider vinegar
- 2 tbsp. regular conditioner
- 2 tbsp. Olive oil

- Heat up the milk
- Put the gelatin in and stir it until combined.
- Add all the other ingredients and stir again.

How to apply:
- While washing your hair, apply this mixture on and leave it on for 30-40 minutes.
- Put a shower cap for better results.
- Rinse your hair like you normally do.

You should use this treatment two times and you’ll soon notice how your hair quality has improved significantly.

Best Homemade Treatment to Repair Your Damaged Hair Best Homemade Treatment to Repair Your Damaged Hair Reviewed by LVS Staff on 8:27 PM Rating: 5
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