Home Remedies: To Get Rid of Blackheads! In just 2 Weeks Overnight Treatment

Blackheads are a kind of acne, a common skin problem that involves lesions frequently referred to as pimples, spots, zits, whiteheads or blackheads.

Blackheads are a specific kind of dark acne lesion, so-called because they contain oxidized melanin, the pigment made by skin cells called melanocytes.

Blackheads usually occur on the face, particularly the nose and can also appear on the chest, back, neck, arms and shoulders.

There are 6 types of acne that are:


What Cause Acne and Blackheads?

The cause of acne is not clear but expert says that acne is cause by rise in hormonal level like androgen(the male sex hormone) when human(girl or boys) become adolescence. This large androgen level makes your skin oil glands to grow and produce more oil which cause bacteria to grow.

Other cause of acne is infection in oil glands in skin. As you known that our skin contains large number of small pores which are responsible for skin breathing and sweating. These pores contains oil glands below your skin. If these skin glands become infected due to bacteria or any other reason, the outside skin swells and develop pimples.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads?

Below is the 4 best home remedies to get rid of blackheads.
Before that you must start treatment by keeping oil and dirt out of your skin and infected area. Complete treatment takes about 2-6 weeks depending on your severity level. There are so many costly face packs and medicines are available in market but here we are focus on cheap home treatment to get rid of blackheads that not only remove acne or pimples but also make your skin fresh and healthy.

Garlic Clove

Garlic is a good agent for treating acne or pimples problems. It also helps in healing quickly.

Method: Rub garlic clove after cut it into two part or by making a paste on your skin for 4-6 minutes and wash it off using lukewarm water. Repeat this process several times a day regularly to get complete rid of acne or pimples.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is good for treating acne problems. Lemon juice helps in clean your dirt near your skin pores. Highly acidic property of lemon juice also balance pH level of skin.

Method: Rub lemon slice directly on you pimples for few hours and wash it off with cool water. OR make a 50-50 solution of rose water and lemon juice and apply. Do this thrice a week.

Egg Oil 

Egg yolk oil is one of the rich sources of omega 3 fatty acid which help in reduce inflammation and remove blackheads.

Method: Apply egg oil on your affected area and massage gently for approx 3 minutes and leave it off for 40-50 minutes. Wash it off with face wash. Do this regularly twice a day to get complete rid of acne.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is best known for its burn healing power. Aloe Vera have so many skin benefits and use for making many cosmetic products. It helps in healing, fight against infection and helps in remove scarring.

Method: If you have Aloe Vera plant, cut a leave and remove gel using spoon and apply on your skin or on pimples for approx 5 minutes. Do this regularly for and feel difference in a week. Read aloe vera face masks for acne, pimples and oily skin.

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