Reason's Why You Are Smaller Unlike Others

Is there any formula to have a tall height? Does jumping in a New Years Eve will help us to get tall? Or does taking medicines will be helpful for us to be tall?

Here is an explanation why are you smaller compared to others.

Most common to all guy have a height of five feet and four inches. Specialist said that the growing stage for boys are from their age of twelve to fifteen years old, it is also the time when they are reaching the maturity stage of their bodies.

This video was made to elaborate more about why some people are smaller and some are taller. 

They wanted you to know that other than your genes there nothing more to blame why you are smaller than the others.

It was also explains there is no connection between taking any height improving medicine that could help you out of this problem. 

As an old beliefs, they said that circumcision is also helping someone to grow in height this thing is definitely wrong, there is no connection about that.

This article is originally written by The Confidential Files.
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