Ilocos The New Zealand of the Philippines

The Philippines is an island that is filled with wonderful places that could be visited by a lot of people. 

It is a country with mesmerizing tourist spots that would leave your mouth wide open for the beauty that it possess. 

Thank you to the ever-beautiful and jaw dropping stunning province of Ilocos. From verdant hills to roaring waterfalls to majestic rock formations to astonishing views of rivers and lakes, beauty is served raw up here. The wonders of Ilocos was compared to New Zealand.It’s a wonder, though, why so many people are attracted to visiting other countries while this country of ours has a great number of majestic treasures hidden in its horizons.

New Zealand is one of those few countries that boasts of views of the most dramatic natural beauty. It is one of those places ideal for biking where every tilt of your head gives you scenic views of lakes, geysers, waterfalls, and beyond what you can imagine. Whether biking around the red woods, discovering thermal pools in Rotorua, or channeling your inner Hobbit at the Shire, NZ is the perfect place to retire to, build a family, and take endless photographs of gorgeous landscapes that take your breath away.

The same thought goes for Ilocos. The place is a dreamland, a treasure. One of the things that makes this country one hell of a place to visit. And it is pretty obvious that Ilocos is one of them.

It contains majestic rock formations, outstanding waterfalls and green hills that will surely blow your mind. 

The beauty of this place is unbelievable!

This article was originally written by When in Manila.
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