Younger Looking Secrets of Mr. Ian Veneracion!

Ian Veneracion still has a lot of fans like his younger counterparts in showbiz. Though he is now in his 40s. He is admired by a lot of people of different ages. Aside from his good looks and physique, here are 10 reasons why Ian is one hot dad:

He is into sports.

Ian also loves sports. Motocross, paragliding, and skydiving are among of his favorites. These allow him to conquer his fears.

He loves flying.

He is a licensed private pilot, skydiver, paragliding pilot and scuba diver.

He cooks and bakes for his family.

In an interview, Ian confessed that the reason why he doesn’t have six-pack abs is because he loves baking and cooking. This is one of his passions. He loves cooking for his family.

He is a family man he is patient with children.

Currently, Ian is married to Pam Gallare and they have three children (two boys and one girl). Even if he is busy, Ian always finds time to bond with his family.

(Source: Lionheartv)
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