Graham Crema De Fruta Recipe Good for Noche Buena!

Christmas is celebrated the longest in the Philippines. As you can feel the Chistmass is comming at the beginning of “ber” months.

The Filipino Christmas tradition won’t be complete without Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Dinner). As many are coming home to celebrate Christmas in their home towns, most of us look forward at the food served on the dinner table. Some are secret recipes shared from one generation to another while others are served as part of family tradition. During this special meal, families and friends gather together to share a delightful meal and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

One of Pinoy favorites that most of us anticipate and would love to eat during Noche Buena is Graham Crema De Fruta.

Here is a simple recipe on how to make Graham Crema De Fruta.


1 large can (550 g) fruit cocktail. Drain and reserve the juice 
2 packs (200 g) graham crackers 
2 packs whipping cream or all purpose cream 
1 can (300 ml) condensed milk 
1 pouch unflavored gelatin powder 


Pour heavy whipping cream and condensed milk in a mixing bowl. Whisk well until well combined. 
In large square container or tray, arrange graham crackers. Spread and cover them with cream and top with fruit cocktail; reserve the other half can of fruit cocktail for another layer. Repeat the procedure according to layer preferences. 
For additional toppings, dissolved gelatin powder in cold water. Simmer on medium heat, and add the fruit cocktail syrup. Stir occasionally until mixture boils. Let it cool for a few minutes in the fridge until start to thickens. This step is optional, you can make this without gelatin. 
Pour the gelatin mixture over the graham crackers and fruit. Put in fridge, chill and serve. 

Enjoy! Merry Christmass Everyone!
(Source: Desserts)
Graham Crema De Fruta Recipe Good for Noche Buena! Graham Crema De Fruta Recipe Good for Noche Buena! Reviewed by LVS Staff on 2:29 AM Rating: 5
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