Medical Expertise Warned Everyone About Eye Lashes Extensions!

Many women dreaming of long, luscious lashes opt to extend what nature bestowed upon them.

Eyelash extensions they’re the latest beauty trend that’s costing some women more than money.“These eyelashes are amazing, you put them on and you are Cinderella,” one beauty insider who asked not to be identified told

Beauty add-ons are created for some purposes such as modeling, or for your own interest or way of appreciating it. 

It can change your look in just a snap, from simple to gorgeous. 

But did anyone knew that it can be hazardous to our health?

Medical experts always say to be careful when it comes to our health. 

Not just in our food nor medicines or vitamins that we take but also on the things that we applied externally, count in the beauty add-ons which uses adhesive to attach it in our skin. 

Eye lashes extension is one example of it that has adhesive.

Doctors are issuing new warning about adhesives which contains formaldehyde that cause allergic reactions. 

Formaldehyde for your information is a colorless poisonous gas, flammable, strong-smelling chemical that is used in building materials etc.

From the word poisonous gas and flammable it is clearly stated that it is not suitable for our health. Imagine you put those things near/close to your eyes? 

Of course it will bring a big trouble in your health. It can cause allergic reaction, what worst is it can harm your eyes.

Bacteria can also grow onto fake lashes especially for those who didn’t touch it to make it last long, this fake lashes are exposed and it is possible to have a bacteria that can lead to an infections.
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